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CustomerGauge NPS Benchmark Report 2018

On September 1, 2017, a merger was completed between Micro Focus and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software. The combined company became the world’s seventh largest pure-play software company, and the UK's largest technology firm listed on the London Stock Exchange. Having such an impressive business ranking means Micro Focus knows how to retain and satisfy its customers. The company relies on the Net Promoter System® (NPS®Winking as the primary way to measure customer loyalty within Micro Focus. NPS was introduced by Meg Whitman, CEO of HPE, who brought the system with her from her time as President and CEO of eBay. Since then, NPS has become a ubiquitous metric throughout Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which later became Micro Focus. The result? Micro Focus has successfully moved NPS beyond just a metric, by correlating it to future revenue.

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HPE Software On How To Close The Loop & Drive Revenue Growth with NPS® [Part 2]

CustomerGauge is very excited to welcome back Dr. James Borderick, Head of Customer Experience Analytics at HPE Software, for the second part of our interview series with HPE Software. Last time, James sat down with us to discuss some NPS® 101 – why HPE Software started using NPS, the challenges it faced, frequency of surveying and the NPS target and goals. You can read part one of the interview, along with the AMA (ask me anything) discussion that followed with James here. This week we take our HPE Software interview to the next level, by discussing three main topics – closing the loop, company buy-in with NPS and linking NPS to revenue growth. We finish by giving you a step-by-step overview of what to do when starting with NPS. Use the discussion section below the article to ask any questions – Dr. James Borderick and our NPS experts are here to answer your most pressing questions.

HPE Software: Moving NPS® Beyond "Just A Metric" [Part 1]

We are extremely happy to welcome Dr. James Borderick from Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software join us for NPS best practice series interviews. James currently leads the Net Promoter® Competitive Loyalty program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software. His official position is Master Strategist, leading multiple analytical projects, driving strategy and innovation, and providing intelligent business insight.

We sat down with James to learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software turns NPS theory into practice to achieve great business results.


Wave Rider

My tenure with Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been exhilarating at every turn. I find that the more I contribute to not only my team’s success but also to the overall enhancement of our customer’s collective experience, the more satisfaction I receive and the more inspired I become. Read More...

Leveraging Survey Text Analytics for Free!

The full understanding of what our customers are thinking and feeling is not an easy task. Indeed, one such methodology to understand such a feat has led to the manual categorisation and comprehension of literally thousands of lines of survey data. As we move to the next stage of the digital era, we see that this manual approach is no longer tangible, actionable, or cost-effective. Automated analysis of text comments has come a long way, but one area always suffers, and this is the understanding of sentiment.

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