Reviews | Dr. James D. Borderick
Throughout his career, Dr. James D. Borderick has always given his best. Below, please read some of the comments that his colleagues and peers have made about him from his time as a seminar leader at the University of Leicester, to being in charge of Customer Experience Analytics for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software, and subsequently Micro Focus.
James took part in Preparing for Leadership last week and displayed all the attributes of a great Leader. He took the Lead when needed but also held back and encouraged others. He was happy to share his experience and knowledge without taking over. He was a great participant in the class and worked well with his team. A real good all-rounder who showed Bias for action and Partnership first.
Sarah Bass Learning and Development Instructor Hewlett Packard Enteprise 15th May 2017
Working with James was a complete privilege. His passion for customer experience, attention to detail and focus on success are truly inspirational. In my short capacity of working with James, I was pleasantly surprised by his scientific and customer-centric knowledge. Hence I'd gladly recommend reaching out to James to pick his brain and work together with him.
Cvetilena Gocheva Community Manager of CustomerGauge 23rd April 2017
Jamie is a solid, reliable and extremely knowledgeable customer experience professional. His use of data analysis work relating to HPE's Net Promoter Score has been outstanding. He has developed a comprehensive and in depth way of understand how the change in NPS can affect the performance of HPE, and backed this up with detailed reporting. Jamie is a CX evangelist who has pioneered the understanding of NPS within the organisation. He is a pleasure to work with, always available to help drive the NPS message and a colleague to be relied upon!
David Hollis Senior Manager Customer Success Hewlett Packard Enterprise 4th April 2017
I worked with Dr. James Borderick on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Competitive Loyalty research program from 2015 - 2016. Jamie represented HPE Software on our Customer Experience Advisory Panel and had a very limited amount of time to come up to speed as the previous representative was taking a new role. He handled the transition with aplomb and was quickly able to drive changes, build reports and analyses, and become a valued member of the team in a short amount of time. During the time we worked together Jamie was instrumental in the the design and development of the new "short" quarterly Software NPS survey survey which radically changed the survey experience by reducing survey length by over 80%. I also appreciated how Jamie was able to gather and manage over a dozen survey translation reviewers for the 'short' survey as translation reviewing is not a popular task. I believe this is due to the trust and relationships that Jamie has been able to build over time. I, for one, greatly enjoyed working with Jamie and hope that we can work together in the future.
Steven Chen Program Management Insights & Analytics Hewlett Packard Enterprise 28th October 2016
James, as well as being a wealth of knowledge, has great understanding of the Industry and HPE’s position within the Industry. He uses these attributes to the company’s advantage- analysing where we are and where we should be going. His creative thinking, and passion for what we do, helps move the team forward as both individuals and as a team. James is an asset to work with.
Amanda Johnston Project Manager Hewlett Packard Enterprise 10th May 2016.
There is a clear cut between the training materials for HPSW Education Big Data before and after Dr. James Borderick. His deep knowledge of the software comes from his experience in the Emerging Ops team, where he singlehandedly created the IDOL Sizing Tool. His keen eye for details comes from birth but was enhanced with his ITIL training. His intellectual mind and overachieving profile also come from birth, but were further developed in a PhD in Physics, turned in at age 24. This academic fast track also contributed for his successful contact with documentation production and lecturing experience. All these outstanding skills came together in his role as Portfolio Lead for HPSW Education. The work he put in is second to none and is the work of many, if only one could find that many. There is no need to direct him, because his own standards will exceed those of any possible manager. Fuelled by his natural skills and competently driven by ITIL, he is an obsessive self improver. He is also a tireless knowledge sharer, making everybody that ever enjoyed working with him grow professionally. HPSW Education has in Dr. James one of their major HR assets, both technically and organisationally.
Ricardo Reis Technical Instructor HP Software Education 14th April 2015.
Working with James was a complete privilege. His passion for customer experience, attention to detail and focus on success are truly inspirational. In my short capacity of working with James, I was pleasantly surprised by his scientific and customer-centric knowledge. Hence I'd gladly recommend reaching out to James to pick his brain and work together with him.
Cvetilena Gocheva Community Manager of CustomerGauge 23rd April 2017
I worked with Jamie on a challenging automation project at Autonomy that Jamie was leading. Jamie coped admirably with adapting to this new initiative for Autonomy as well as juggling several other project commitments and severe resource issues. Despite the issues, the project was a huge success and that is testament to Jamie's abilities - he not only had to lead the project but also had to pitch in as an automation analyst. I enjoyed working with Jamie and have kept in touch since as Jamie has been an ambassador for the increased adoption of automation within Autonomy.
Dave Etchells HP Automation Test Manager Enterprise Services Hewlett-Packard 18th December 2012.
I've known and worked with James for a couple of years as of this writing. We've jointly taken upon ourselves some very challenging projects. James is a skilled individual that brings a very high degree of analytic skills into the world of Saas. James has a strong and disciplined approach to solving problems, drawing upon his depth of academic disciplines into practical application. Even above these, I value his inexhaustible positive outlook which cannot be adequately quantified. I would gladly have James work for or with me in any present or future endeavor.
Sam Yan Chief Architect Digital Safe Hewlett-Packard 7th January 2013.
I have had the pleasure of working directly with Dr. James Borderick on a number of projects for large global accounts at Autonomy/HP. James has great insight into complex issues and shows a disciplined approach in everything he does. James is always professional and is always willing to teach others. I always enjoy working with James and would gladly have James work on projects for any of my accounts.
Andrew Hill Client Director Deutschebank Hewlett-Packard 21st January 2013.
James embodies the "can-do" attitude and has a drive to achieve to deliver. Will look for opportunities to drive a project forward, and in doing so drives his team. Capable of taking decisive action based on his experience, but will always ask to clarify or seek further information where he has not got enough information to make that decision. Once decisions are made James then shoulders the responsibilities of those decisions. Clearly states his own opinion, and actively encourages other to contribute their own; which leads to a good team ethos. A natural collaborator. James has a natural instinct to develop and adopt time saving solutions. He has a clear long term vision on how he can future proof against repeated mistakes, mostly through scripting, but it is the desire to improve an overall service that is the transferable asset to any project. Outstanding ability to analyse problems, accurately and quickly. Diagnosing causes and implementing effective long term solutions. Demonstrates a willingness to develop all in his team through education, thus raising the bar of the team as a whole. This is a major asset for a certain type of manger/leader. Voracious appetite to improve both his technical and managerial skills. James is open minded to new ideas and new ways of working. The ability to cherry-pick the best of practice from all areas will serve him well.
Colm Foley HP tester Enterprise Services Hewlett-Packard 11th December 2012.
I have had a pleasure of working directly with Dr. James Borderick on few projects at Autonomy/HP and I must say that I was impressed by his professionalism, organizational skills and strong desire to transfer knowledge to his fellow employees. He is the author of numerous in-company wiki pages comprising of a wide range of topics and solutions related to IDOL, Linux, MYSQL and Cloud Computing. He has a very approachable personality and he is always willing to help others.
Usman Syed Cloud Engineer Hewlett-Packard 6th January 2013.
I am privileged to write this recommendation in support of my dear friend and student, Dr James Borderick. James studied in my laboratory program for nearly two years, during which time I witnessed his tremendous growth and development. During his time at Leicester, James has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. His efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. After finishing his undergraduate studies successfully, James then won a scholarship to carry on his studies as a researcher (PhD student). During his time as a PhD student at Leicester University, James undertook a major research project and proved to be great with managing his time, working in group situations under strict deadlines, and to recognize the importance of persistence, and intellectual integrity. All in all, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Borderick as a trustworthy, reliable, and hard working individual.
Dr. Atousa Goudarzi Teaching Assistant University of Leicester 7th January 2013.
James ran several of the seminars that I attended during my time at the University of Leicester. I found his approach to teaching very helpful and the seminars were well organised and well presented.
Jennifer Gosling Undergraduate Student University of Leicester 19th December 2012.

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