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Wave Rider

My tenure with Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been exhilarating at every turn. I find that the more I contribute to not only my team’s success but also to the overall enhancement of our customer’s collective experience, the more satisfaction I receive and the more inspired I become.

After completing my Ph.D., I found myself at a critical juncture in life: one road led to a continuation of academia, and the other toward a corporate career. Upon reflection, I determined that the skills I learned from academia – public speaking, communicating complex ideas in a transparent, intelligible manner, analysing significant data sets – positioned me as a unique asset to the world of technology. As I’ve always allowed my interests and passion to lead my future, and this methodology has served me well, I jumped into an Operations Development position and have never looked back.

The Hewlett Packard acquisition of my then employer, Autonomy, energised me. Every department around me offered opportunity – not only for me personally, but for the product set I had dedicated more than two years to perfecting. I was a subject matter expert for groundbreaking technology and suddenly, I had access to every resource imaginable to leverage it!

Along with the acquisition came a team aggregation – several departments were combined to form Hewlett Packard Software Education and I was offered a Portfolio Management position within the new group. It was a considerable step up, and the frosting on the cake was that management approached me about the promotion! I was flattered,  honoured and wholeheartedly enthusiastic. Although I immediately jumped on the opportunity, I also contemplated what differentiated me as the lead candidate. After examining my behaviour, I came to the conclusion that it was a winning combination of character and attitude. As it’s my nature, I make myself consistently available to others for assistance and I’m always up for a challenge. Unwittingly, I built a reputation for accessibility, reliability, efficiency and innovation.

I exhibit my proactivity every day. For example, in my role as a Portfolio Manager, I identified an area which I thought could improve customer experience. While everything was working smoothly, I was convinced I could enhance it. I documented my plan, pitched it to my leadership and received a resounding “Go for it!” Resources were allocated and I built an entire new tool in four months. Identifying a potential improvement, and realising it, positioned me for my current role operating as Head of Customer Experience Analytics and Strategist for Customer Experience within Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

My advice to those looking to advance is to embrace opportunity at every turn. When there’s a reorganisation, you have two choices: perch yourself on top of the wave, steer it as much as you can, and turn the incredible energy it emits into something positive, or stand on the beach and watch it determine its own path.

Ride the wave and you will do astounding things.

Article written by Dr. James Borderick, 9 February 2017.