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How to Best Leverage Big Data Today

Big Data. Two words that whilst simple independently, when combined imply something complicated and often characteristically misunderstood. Generally, we think of these two words when considering large data sets that are too robust for traditional data processing methodologies. 
In the recent past, we as an industry sought out the Apache Hadoop framework of tools in order to process Big Data, but this left a gap regarding the analysis. People may ask, “now that I have all of this data stored, what can I do with it?” One of the main reasons for this question is that Big Data today is not just about volume, it is about variety. There are a plethora of structured and unstructured data-sources that contribute to the Big Data story. Now please do not misunderstand what I am saying, Hadoop certainly has a place, especially when considering that some organisations do not require precision analytics. But for those that do, other specific analytic methodologies need to be adopted.

There are two main areas that need to be leveraged to gain value from Big Data, and thankfully at HPE Software we consider both. HPE Software considers both the underpinnings of the Haven Big Data Platform, right through to the implementation of Information Management and Governance, allowing us to not only ingest, explore, and analyse but to store, govern and protect data too. This is something only HPE Software can do. 
What is under-the-hood?
Big Data Analytics offered by HPE Software comprises three engines. In my head, I always consider this to be analogous to a car with three engines under-the-hood providing power. These three engines are namely, IDOL(Intelligent Data Operating Layer), Vertica, and Apache Hadoop. We have already spoken about Hadoop, but I have yet to discuss the first two of the above named engines.

HPE Software's Big Data Analytics helps tame and extract value from all forms of information in real-time and at scale to improve efficiency, reduce risk, increase revenue opportunities, and reduce costs. IDOL allows you to understand virtually all forms of information analytics including structured and unstructured data. This includes text, audio, video, and images, to help you to make informed, data-driven decisions. IDOL’s real-time monitoring and analysis of information allows you to act quickly to developing trends and sentiment. Vertica lets organisations store data cost-effectively, explore it quickly, and leverage well-known SQL-based tools to gain insight. By offering blazingly-fast speed, accuracy and security, Vertica offers operational advantages to the entire organisation.
I hope this post has aided your understanding of Big Data and how best to leverage the power with HPE Software.