Verbatim Text Analytics | Dr. James D. Borderick
The study and analysis of Verbatim Text from surveys is characteristically very difficult. Presented below is something that is possible with the Power of PowerBI by Microsoft. Slide one shows an interactive dashboard of verbatim responses to the 'Why?' question (shown after the standard NPS recommend question). The second slide shows answers to the 'What would you improve?' verbatim question.

Every element within each dashboard is interactive. This means you can click on a word/phrase and the whole dashboard will zoom in on that. Likewise, clicking the filters for NPS category (detractors, passives and promoters) will do the same. I hope you enjoy playing around with this dashboard. Please note that the data itself was made up by one of the leaders of NPS, Maurice FitzGerald, and is simulated restaurant feedback.

If you wish to make the dashboard full screen just click the double arrows in the bottom right.

Please contact Dr. James Borderick if you wish to have access to the Downloads section.