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Fruit Company not what it once was... (CX and Support Learning Suggestions)


My first support engagement in a while with a certain fruit company has lead me to believe that a once NPS leader is not what it once was. Multiple failures along the support journey coupled with a very bad customer success manager interaction at the close have pushed me to write this article.
It all started on May 8th.
I received an email from 'Fruit' saying that there is a problem with my payment information and they were unable to charge me for my 'Cloud' storage. I thought this odd since I use PayPal and if there was a problem, it would be between the card and PayPal, not between PayPal and Fruit Company. This really scared me because my second thought was- I must have been hacked.
I proceeded to check my payment information on my 'Computer', which showed an issue with PayPal payment, but this is false. Checking on I verified all is well. Then I checked on my 'Phone' and 'Pad' within settings. Both showed that I couldn’t get to the payment screen to change/verify details of payment. 
This provided the evidence I needed that had a bug in their back-end systems, or they were doing maintenance work.  
Either way I didn’t like receiving an email implying it’s my fault for not paying when it was clearly their system. I’ve also never not paid them…. Some clever AI before sending out that generic email to me would have been beneficial.
So I called Support. 
Lasting 1 hour 10 minutes on May 8. There is no log of this call I might add… but I’ll get to that later. So, what occurred?
After all manner of checks (same as what I'd done) support said, "
Oh we are doing some work on the finance back end."
Thank you Fruit.
So now I asked for any compensation- 
support promised some fruit store credit so I could by some songs or a game. I said thank you very much. I also asked if this month my Cloud storage could be free (only £2.49) as that would eliminate my worry about losing all of my data in the Cloud since all of my photos are there. Support said that they would ask a senior manager but could not see why not and assured me that my data will be held regardless of payment issues for 30 days. I said since I’ve now been on the phone to you for over an hour could you just please action this in the background and email me a resolution? Also I asked to please email me about what we discussed today. She said yes. I then said goodbye- bearing in mind because of this scary issue that could have been resolved quickly had they just emailed me with an apology that works were being carried out or not send me that generic email when they know I pay every month without fail. Nowhere in the email did it suggest for a moment that Fruit could have been at fault.
What Happened Next Blew me Away
Next day = no credit/comp so I called them. And they charged me for the storage. As you can tell it's not the money, it's the fact that as a customer I really wasn't listened to.
I reached an advisor whom said he would sort it for me- I explained everything to him. I felt like I was being listened to. He escalated to a senior technician whom said he cannot help me with this issue and I was sent to the wrong place. Support no man’s land in my mind now… 
he also mentioned that there were NO LOGS or INFORMATION recorded from the calls yesterday. This really upsets me because it’s clear contrary to popular belief, they don’t listen to customers.  Also, the senior advisor thought this very odd as like me believed that all calls are recorded!
He advised me to write a letter to the fruit company to have this listened to. Please bear this in mind- the only option now for a customer is to write to Fruit. 
----> Fast forward a week
I received a call from Fruit's Customer Success Team. Whom after reading the letter wanted to give me £1.89 in songs from 'Tunes'. Given all of the efforts to help with their processes and in total 5 hours of my time to improve their services (I am a promoter after all) I rejected this. I also informed the advisor that I am a promoter of Fruit and wish to improve your company.
Upon a call back the team member offered me some wired earpods or a 20 metre lightning cable. I said I'd be impressed if it was 20 metres and wouldn't fit into a bag easily (I knew she had made a mistake). Again I didn't think I was being listened to. The team member then said for me to think about it and she would call me back, but not before wanting to guide me through the process of how to get the vast £1.89 into my account. 
She guided me to log out and back in again in my tunes account. I thought nothing of this until in the afternoon all music had been wiped from Phone. Superb. (Thankfully I'm technical so I fixed this that evening taking about 2 hours to resync... Bear in mind now we are talking 8 hours of my time).
I received a call back expecting me to take the comp. I explained what had happened to the music for which there was an apology and but alas no change in her goodwill gesture 'stance'. I explained that your leaders are aiming at a wireless future, and I also am following suit- is there any option for something more reasonable. Answer? No. And apparently even though I wished for this case to be escalated their policy is to cut and tie off the case there and then. So ticket closures are now their primary concern. Being a 'good citizen' I just said please close the case without comp.
First- the positive. It's clear that the first line support are fantastic at appeasement and making the customer feel listened to.
The issues however occur at the second and third lines. I explained at each failure how I'm blown away that this is happening at a 'Fruit' Company that boasts 98% CSAT and is an NPS champion. This didn't seem to have any affect. Just for kicks, I haven't received a Customer Satisfaction survey- perhaps that's how the 98% is maintained?
Article written by Dr. James D. Borderick, May 24th 2019.   The original article may be found here

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