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Micro Focus Customer Experience Approach

Horses for courses
The best Experience Management treats all customers differently.  We, at Micro Focus, don’t just broad brush all of our customers but instead tailor our views and understanding for different customer groups and segments. This allows us to both understand specific change as it occurs and action on it effectively.
Experience Premium
The best experience available is known as experience premium.  To reach the experience premium, companies must leverage experience management or they will unknowingly decline. We, at Micro Focus, use Experience Management (X data) to drive, and improve, the entire end-to-end Customer Experience and simultaneously conduct the same analysis on our competitors. This is baked into our DNA. This allows Micro Focus to learn from the best experiences and practices of our competition, which assists and enhances our own Experience Management. Conversely, we use these data to identify competitive weaknesses, and exploit them.
Customers as king
Leveraging a consistent analysis cadence, Micro Focus continuously refines and develops Experience Management to provide the best Customer Experience for our customers and partners. This is revealed in our latest Double-Blind Competitive Benchmark Data, which shows that when compared against ~50 software competitors, Micro Focus ranks 5th for loyalty in the industry, and highlights how much we do listen to, and most importantly action on, our customer feedback.
Personally, I’m looking forward to us becoming 1st for Loyalty using our methodology and becoming the de facto Experience Premium in Enterprise Software.
Article written by Dr. James D. Borderick, April 23 2019.   The original article may be found here.